IEP Direct NY – Private Provider

IEP Direct NY ? Private Provider

A version of IEP Direct which provides for single sign-on and seamless real time data sharing with all school districts who use IEP Direct across New York State

Private providers across New York State asked us to create a special version of IEP Direct that meets their unique needs and budgets.  That’s why we created IEP Direct NY - Private Provider.

IEP Direct NY- Private Provider will help you… save time in drafting goals and benchmarks… enhance collaboration with your school districts with real-time data sharing… put powerful data at your fingertips with all your students in a single database… and improve efficiency by providing single user logins for all of your students’ data.

With more than 75% of the school districts across New York State using IEP Direct, the benefits to your agency in using IEP Direct NY – Private Provider are greatly magnified.  IEP Direct NY – Private Provider will not only help you save time and improve efficiency, it can also help your agency differentiate itself from other providers.